At Outshine NW, we know first-hand how difficult it is to find healthcare providers who value our lives.

We know the pain of providers suddenly taking away hormones from us after years of prescribing, due to a change in management, an organizational merge, or a political election that leaves them afraid for their own jobs.

We continue to witness death after senseless death when providers deny us life-affirming treatment. For them, that denial may be a policy, or a personal choice, or a religious belief. For us, it is a death sentence.

In addition to signing your name, please add your trans-inclusive organization or clinic if you have the authority to do so. If you do not, please ask those who do to sign on.

Additionally we need to know: Who in your organization, clinic, or institution can we safely contact, if and when one of our Trans siblings experiences discrimination in your workplace? We need to identify our genuine allies — not merely the “Patient Relations” number where a bureaucratic run-around will push us further toward suicide.

We need to know who has the courage and the integrity to #StandTrans with us against adversity. We need solidarity. We need you.

Thank you for joining us. Thank you for remembering us.
Let’s Rise and Shine now.
Let’s #StandTrans.